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Charlie (who I work with) claims to be responsible for this in his previous life at Radio 1.  It's pretty impressive. This is my musical profile:

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Testing out some Microsoft Live Windows blogging tool (PJM: Sticking up for the little guy since 1980!) that RDH recommended on his blog. Actually, looking around the window it's called Windows Live Writer (Beta). Is Beta it's surname or a nickname and it must have a large family because there are a lot of Betas out there. I think the thing I like about it most is that it's got a strikethrough option on the tool bar. I've also added a picture of Jonathan Peachey to test out the insert a pic tab. More later... (Update: it won't let me publish the pic except via ftp, so no pic today).

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Hindu Temple, Trinidad

Hindu Temple, Trinidad
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Being on holiday feels like such a long time ago.

Last night we went to the Jamaican High Commission in South Kensington for a Caribbean tourism event. As an all-inclusive it was pretty good: rum punch and wine to drink; mini chicken roti, peppered shrimp, BBQ pork, duck wraps, potato fritters and a few other dishes I forget. Some nice tourism officials and a miniature commemorative cricket ball to mark Courtney Walsh's 517 test match wickets. I think they've been handing those out for a while.