Central Line, 13 September 2010

Heading home on the tube I've taken a leaf out of Rockmother's book and started taking pictures of fellow travellers. This is Hipstamatic on the iPhone.

Even a klutz like me takes good pictures with Hipstamtic (sung to a 'fifties US TV jingle).


Eastside projects, Birmingham: Cerith Wyn Evans

Artist Cerith Wyn Evans (from Llanelli) looking like a demented James Ellroy (if such a thing is possible). To be fair to the artist hearing him talk on the video the still's taken from he sounds a lot like a demented James Ellroy.

Here's a picture of James Ellroy, one of my favourite authors. You decide.


Good Reads: The Big Sleep (or Le Grand Sommeil as Guillaume would call it)

The Big Sleep (Penguin Fiction) The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
There's a very reasonable chance that any page of this book is better than the book you're currently reading. Genius.

So way only 4 stars instead of 5, you may ask? As I get older I'm less sure than I was that books can transcend the limitations of their genre. Crime is a great genre and this is a great book but it ain't Updike.


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Wednesday 26 May 2010: Toby Young is a Mitchell brother

Arseholes. Fucking arseholes, fuck the lot of them.


Toby Young on last night's Newsnight looked like a Mitchell brother. I was going to say a posh Mitchell brother but I realised he looked worse than Grant, so like the middle one. Not the poshest but not the scumiest. No one does lowlife like Phil Mitchell.

Not today's link, yesterday's, and then it became last night's. The girls next door made it and brought it round. How good is that? I love my neighbours.


Moctezuma at the British Museum

Originally uploaded by Catfunt

Probably not worth £12, worth £6. If you don't go, wait a bit. A lot of the best stuff (like these masks) are actually in the British Museum collection and will reappear there eventually.