My family
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There isn't really much to say about this except that I love it.
(L to R) Myron, Yolande, Hilton, Pat and Bert.

It puts a lot of pressure on me coming from a family as cool as this.

I think I opted out with black Converse, chinos and black t-shirts as my default position.


If Hitler Had Been a Hippy How Happy Would We Be v. Popbitch

I went to see the Chapman Brothers' show at the White Cube (If Hitler Had Been a Hippy How Happy Would We Be) the other week and I realised that what they do - yes, everyone else realised this a long time ago, I'm just stupid - is they make mash ups. I saw the show, marvelled at the small watercolours by Hitler that they'd bought and modded (and made much more palatable) and largely forgot about it. That's the problem with art, like evil and booze, you quickly become inured to it.
What made me think about it again was a link in Popbitch today to graffitied pictures of Keira and Sienna on Flickr. I'm not sure what it means, if anything, but when I looked at the Keira pic about 30 minutues after Popbitch arrived it had some 400 views. A couple hours later it's reached over 8000. Maybe it means something about art in the gallery versus art in the street. Probably not. I also noticed that I'm the only one so far who's favourited it. Maybe all that means is Popbitch readers don't have Flickr accounts...


The Seventh Seal on 4oD

The Seventh Seal on 4oD
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While in all honesty it probably isn't a career defining moment for me I have to say how happy I am to see Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal make it onto 4oD, Channel 4's VOD service. Although my colleague Alma is effectively running 4oD these days and I am a secondee over at project Kangaroo (a secondment that is in a temporary hiatus) I am happy to take any credit that is available for this.