Cardiff aka Karloff

Cardiff aka Karloff
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She's called Karloff. That's what the people who gave her to us called her. We call her Girlie or Cardiff - much better names for a cat.


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I've been taking pictures again. I even went to see the Deutsch Borse prize at the Photographers' Gallery. We wandered round for ages and then I said to Scotia "I know who'd I'd like to win" to which she replied that they'd announced the winner already and it wasn't my guy. "How do you know?" I said. "Well, the big banner they have over the doorway is a bit of a giveaway," she said.


The Last Shadow Puppets: The Age of Understatement

Track Listing for the album due out in April:

1. "The Age of the Understatement"
2. "Standing Next to Me"
3. "Calm Like You"
4. "Separate and Ever Deadly"
5. "The Chamber"
6. "Only the Truth"
7. "My Mistakes Were Made for You"
8. "Black Plant"
9. "I Don't Like You Any More"
10. "In My Room"
11. "Meeting Place"
12. "The Time Has Come Again"


What do you do in the Studio?

 I was hanging around the studio the other day and decided to photograph the most recent work. I'm not sure even if this is that recent - I just haven't been there that much this year. I'll post some more on Flickr when I get round to it.
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