O Dreamland: William Gibson in London

O Dreamland
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Went with Steve to see William Gibson talk at the awesome TUC building on Great Russell Street. Favourite quote of the night (and it gives you a pretty good idea of the audience) was this question from the floor: "If you got in a fight with Neil Gaiman, who would win?"

This picture, as you would have gathered already is nothing to do with the Gibson talk. This was the equally excellent but less geeky 'O Dreamland' show in Romney where I spent most of the weekend.

For pics of the Gibson talk visit Steve's Flickr and Matt's Flickr.


Bethan's Art Auction: update

Bethan's Art Auction made over £10,000 for Cotlands, a South African charity working to help children affected by AIDS. The tactic of plying the punters with drink and getting them to buy things for more than they intended worked a treat, particularly on me as I ended up buying four things. I'm very happy with them all and as soon as I've paid my overdraft will be getting them framed. Pictures soon.


Charity Art Auction: Bethan's Fund

I'm in a charity auction that's being held at Transition this Saturday. It's three pieces from the APU 150 show a few years ago. I've deliberately set a low guide price as there's a lot of very very good work that's likely to raise a lot of money (Julie Verhoven, Tom Hunter, Dick Bruna - he of Miffy fame, Maurice Broomfield, Stella Vine and more) but I wanted something that my chavy friends could afford. Now I just need to persuade them to buy it. The money's to help children in South Africa whose lives have been affected by HIV and AIDS. Check out the auction site (it's too late to bid online) but do come along on Saturday.


Stella Vine: another story from the opening

Stella Vine
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I'd meant to tell you this when I blogged the Stella entry before. (It's probably only funny if you know David and Cathy. Cathy told it to us over dinner after the show).

David met us straight from work and he's taken to wearing some very nice suits to go to his day job. His office is at Vogue House so he looks pretty smart with some nice fashionista touches that all the boys will be copying next year. So David and Cathy are looking round the show just as the invigilators are clearing people out. This woman comes up to Cathy and says "Is this your husband?" while looking at David. Cathy says "Yes" (because he is). "Oh," the woman goes, but undeterred turns to David and says "I just wanted to say you look *amazing*." (I'm guessing David was feeling pretty smug by now, I would have been.) There's a moment's silence. Then the woman turns to Cathy, looks her up and down and goes "You look OK too," before disappearing where she came from.

If you're that rude woman contact us and we'll tell your side of the story


BA fined £121.5m for price fixing | | Guardian Unlimited Business

BA fined £121.5m for price fixing | | Guardian Unlimited Business

My wife reckons she'll never fly with Virgin again as it's worse to be a grass than a criminal. She grew up in Cardiff and that's how they think.