Brick Lane: last week

Brick Lane Yesterday

I've been helping Yol who's been given a dozen or so eating places to review. On paper this sounds fantastic but having to eat out that many times in a few weeks isn't all it's cut out to be, particularly when you don't get to choose the places you eat in. Off the top of my head the places I liked were Jones's Dairy in Columbia Road; Story Cafe off Brick Lane (this picture was taken outside of Story) and the rest have become a bit of a blur. My problem is that I probably wouldn't eat in either place normally. The bad places were terrible and the worst was Cafe Boheme on Old Compton Street where I was served cold steak and chips. On the upside they did me a new steak and chips and gave me a very large glass of wine which pushed me over the edge as I'd already been drinking the free bar at Adam's book launch earlier that evening.