The decorators come; then the electrician to fix the things the decorators broke and then the decorators to put it all back together again...

...just so we can have different coloured walls. Anyway, Huey is here chasing large grooves up the wall to install a light in the hall. "You didn't have a hall light?" I hear you ask, wondering if we live in a cave. No, we had a perfectly good hall light that somehow the Polish painters managed to disable while painting. This is surely some kind of Mossad-type stealth skill that ranks alongside being able to disable a man with a single blow: killing the electrics while painting. Danny (no, not Danny Blackman, Danny Polonia) did regularly manage to flip the trip switch while he was here. Painting. huey, the electrian is baffled as the electric cable in the wall no longer carries electricity, hence the neeed for a new cable. Like an X-file.

So the decorators return on Monday to put good the destruction Huey is wreaking on the new paint job. I may have to paint the living-room myself when they leave, the new colour "Kelp" from the Dulux range just has too many bad memories for me.