Getting Shit Done

In yesterday's Guardian Dave McCandless wrote in praise of Getting Things Done, David Allen's productivity guru-book. I read the piece and was wowed. I don't know McCandless but I suspect from what he says is that he's a filthy pig when it comes to the work-place. The only thing that saves me nowadays is the fact that I share my desk at work otherwise it would be covered in shit. I thought of my friend Adam who collects out-of-date newspapers like he was some weird old-person. Adam bought a new computer recently. I suggested that he buy a wireless keyboard and mouse as the only way that they wouldn't get buried in the detritus that is his desk. Anyway, Adam's going to try the Dave Allen book. My wife says we don't need to as all the shit we have is actually stuff we want to keep rather than stuff we just haven't got round to.