Josef Albers: Tate Modern

The Albers and Moholy-Nagy show at Tate Modern is quite simply the best show I've seen this year. This is probably because in its own understated way you get the sense of the overarching influence of the European modernism on not only 20th century art but also design in all its fields. Plus the work by Albers and Moholy-Nagy is awesome. On the downside my wife decided she'd like a set of the Josef Albers nesting tables (reissued and available via Vitra or, handily enough, the Tate shop) which I figured I could afford with a few months overtime. But no, it's worse than that. She wants me to make her a set. On the upside the modern ones for sale look over-machined and ugly while mine will definitely have a certain 'home-spun' charm (if they ever get done - I did get a book on carpentry out of the library today though).